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Deanna and Val were married in August 2014 in Missouri. It had rained earlier in the day, but the clouds rolled away for the sunset and we made the most of that beautiful light! You can see their wedding HERE.


This image was taken just after dinner and before the first dances. We had fifteen to twenty minutes before the couple needed to be back for their first dance and took a walk by the lake. The sun was casting long shadows down the path and I knew that the rich greens in those shadows would photograph beautifully on film.


I ask Deanna and Val to walk down the path, hold hands, and enjoy a moment together. I used the tree to block the sun so that I could avoid a harsh flare. I waited until they had just walked into the full light to take this photograph.

Photographs of the couple from a distance are always some of my favorites! It gives them some time to focus on each other and make memories together that are separate from anyone else. Give your couples some alone time and watch the emotion from the day!

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Camera: Contax 645
Lens: Karl Zeiss 80mm
Film Stock: Fuji 400H rated at 200
Lab: Richard Photo Lab

Aperture: f/2.0
Shutter speed: 1/125


Thanks to RPL, I only added contrast to this image! I boosted the contrast by (+.23) in Lightroom.

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Brides love seeing their weddings published. Vendors love seeing their weddings published. Everyone wants to get published this year and that means that you are going to have to stand out against numerous submissions. Having a publication plan is going to help you remember where and why you want to submit to certain blogs and magazines.

Building a publication plan is really simple! I know because it’s the second year that I have actually written out my publication plan. In 2014 I was published on a regular basis and this drove in more inquiries and helped to establish vendor relationships.

I want to share what a publication plan is and why you should write one today. Getting published has directly impacted the growth of my business and I wouldn’t have the portfolio that I do if this plan had never been created.

The What and Why of Creating a Publication Plan_0004


A publication plan is a list of blogs and magazines where you want to be published in a particular year. A publication plan can be as detailed or as simple as you want. The important part of creating a plan is that you have a clear vision for where you want your publication portfolio to be at the end of the year.

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The What and Why of Creating a Publication Plan_0003


Streamlines your workflow

It’s good to be thoughtful and intentional about your submissions so go ahead and do that work in advance! You will save yourself a lot of time if you simply decide where you want to submit for the year and then assign shoots to that blog or magazine in advance.

You will photograph things differently

There is no room for a lack of creativity if you want to get published. Photographing sessions with the purpose of getting published is going to push you as a creative artist.

Your submissions will stand out

If you can shoot with a particular blog in mind then you will stand out against the rest of the submissions. For example, Belle Lumiere prefers to feature shoots that happen in one location. I look at my calendar for the year to see if I have any weddings or engagement shoots that will take place in one location. If I do, then I slate that shoot to be submitted to BL.

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It keeps you focused

Instead of scrambling to find the right blog for the right shoot, you will know where you will be submitting and why. You won’t look back at the end of the year and feel like you missed an opportunity for publication. The why is an important part of remaining focused!

Lets you know what kind of shoots you need to schedule

Once you look at all of the shoots you have scheduled, you can assign each shoot to a blog or magazine! If there are still places where you want to be published then you can schedule inspiration shoots to cover the blog/magazine in your publication plan.

Grows your publication portfolio

A publication portfolio is a list of places that you have been published. When a bride first visits your site, she may not initially care that you have been published. But by creating a list of places you have been published, it lets her know that getting published is part of a photographer’s business. This will set you apart as she looks for her wedding photographer.

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The What and Why of Creating a Publication Plan

You can be selective about what inspiration shoots you take on

When I am asked to be part of an inspiration shoot I have to make the decision that’s best for the business. I have become selective about the shoots that I participate in because I want to make sure that I am spending my time well.

If the style of the shoot isn’t something that lines up with the vision of the Jordan Brittley brand (and therefore the publication plan), then I have to decline the shoot. Most wedding planners have a great understanding of the type of shoots that I take on because of the work that I post on my website and blog.

Focus will be on submitting to places that line up with your overall vision

In the same way that you should be selective about inspiration shoots, you should be selective about where you’re submitting your work. Consider your ideal bride. What blogs and magazines is she reading? Submit there!

Helps you to get published regularly

If you’re submitting regularly, you’re going to get published regularly. Yes, I understand that submissions are often declined, but view every “not a good fit” email as a challenge to make it happen next time!

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Establishes trust with potential brides

When Style Me Pretty publishes my work, they are indirectly promoting my business. If the editor of that post has something really great to say about my work, then that is an added bonus. Brides trust the blogs and magazines that they read!

The What and Why of Creating a Publication Plan

Vendors will trust you with their work

Vendors like to see that you have a plan. Not only will they trust you as you’re shooting their work, but they will trust you as you submit the wedding.

Develops an incentive to submit your work

Are you feeling like you aren’t ever going to get published? Well, this is just not true! By developing your publication plan and sticking to it, you won’t be able to give into fear.

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Creates connections with editors

I would love to shoot some editorial work for blogs and magazines in the coming years. By being established in the publication industry, you will build relationships with editors. Give them every opportunity to remember who you are.

Helps you measure accomplishments so you can celebrate them

I am pretty driven to make each year my best business year yet. Because of this, I tend to be hard on myself as I am reflecting back on the year. Creating a publication plan helps me to see where I have had success in the year! You should always celebrate your success!

So now that you know what a publication plan is and why you should create one, go do it! It’s worth the time to decide where you want to get published so that you can take action and see those dreams take flight.

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By now we have all heard about facebook’s algorithm change. Our facebook business pages have taken a hit with the audience reached by each post (source). If we can keep our audience engaged then they will keep coming back for more and more. This will not only help to expand our reach, but it will help us to build a loyal audience on facebook.

So how do we stay ahead of the game and keep our audience engaged? I am here to share 14 ideas for facebook content that will keep your audience engaged and therefore improve your reach.

How to Keep Your Facebook Audience Engaged - The Jordan Brittley Blog

1. Recent Work

Always, always, always share your recent work. Create facebook albums and post to the timeline. Give people the option to see your work in the way that they want and they will start talking.

2. A Link to Your Article

Whether you’re blogging or you just want to share the latest update to your website, share links to your website and/or blog! This remind your audience to spend routine time on your site if you post routinely!

3. Highlight a vendor

Networking is always a smart social media idea! If you love working with someone or think their work is particularly unique, share a post from them! Better yet, create your own post highlighting them!

How to Keep Your Facebook Audience Engaged - The Jordan Brittley Blog

4. Share a past feature

Have you been published? I know you already shared the link on your facebook page, but it’s always smart to share it again! I do this because it communicates to my audience that my work is timeless!

5. A link to someone’s blog post

Not only does it benefit your audience when you share great content, it benefits the person who wrote it. Being a blogger myself, I know what it means when someone shares my post with their readers or their friends!

6. A link to a podcast

Did you find a podcast particularly helpful and you think it would resonate with your audience? Share the post!

7. A YouTube video

Videos are one of the best ways to gain the attention of your audience. Upload a simple video to youtube or share one that is relevant to your audience!

How to Keep Your Facebook Audience Engaged - The Jordan Brittley Blog

8. Instagram images

While I don’t always share my instagram photos to facebook, I have found that it is to my advantage to occasionally post an image! This always results in new followers on instagram and my facebook audience loves to see what I am doing with my iPhone.

9. A hashtag marathon

I am currently in the middle of the #jordanbrittleyspringmarathon on my facebook page and I have had some great feedback! People love to be able to go through the archives and view related content, so always give the option of doing so!

10. Behind the scenes

Great light and great composition are the only things you need! While it’s fun to switch it up and include some professional photos of your space, the important thing is to share photos of what you’re doing on a daily basis. People love to feel like they can peek inside your business!

How to Keep Your Facebook Audience Engaged - The Jordan Brittley Blog

11. Photo of you and/or your family

I try to keep the majority of my facebook content related to my business, but the occasional post about me or my family is always a hit.

12. Share photos from the past

It’s fun for your audience to see where you have come in the last year, month or week! Occasionally remind them of some of the highlights and invite them to celebrate with you! It’s fun for them to feel included as they cheer you on.


As you may have noticed, I love adding quotes to my blog posts! When you find the right quote, pair it with an image for something new and fresh on your facebook page!

14. Upcoming events

Don’t forget to announce upcoming events on your facebook page! It can be challenging to remember to market on all of your platforms, but don’t forget about facebook. If you have built an audience, especially one that is returning day after day, keep them in the loop and they will thank you for it!

One of the biggest tips that I can give you is to post consistently and engage with your audience. Consistency for some might mean scheduling posts anywhere from 1-5 times each day. Discover what works best for you and your audience and go do it!

How do you keep your facebook audience engaged?