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Running a business and being a mom has its challenges! I know that this business is something that God has called me to run and obviously God has also called me to be a mom. So today I want to tell you about my 5 secrets for running a business and being a stay at home mom!

5 Secrets of Running a Business and Being a Stay at Home Mom - The Jordan Brittley Blog

1. Make a daily essentials list

There are certain things that I want to do in a day. I want to spend time with Daniel, spend time as a family, spend time with Isaac, write, read, learn, go outside, and spend time with Jesus. Isaac and I only made this list a few weeks ago and it’s already made a huge difference. What brings you joy? Only things that bring you joy can go on this list.

2. Make a list of everything you have to do

The next list that we made included everything that I have to do. For a typical business this would include email, customer service, product development, errands, marketing, branding, and social media (because really, it’s an entirely different thing)! This leads me to outsourcing.

3. Outsource/Delegate

This has become my husband’s favorite thing to tell me. If it can be outsourced, he is encouraging me to do it! I now outsource my album design, editing, post office/bank errands, and (soon) my social media. Up next: Part of my email, packaging, and all business finances. I want to use my time for product development and loving on the people that I meet (that’s the other part of emailing)!

4. Ask for help

There is nothing wrong with asking for help and hiring a nanny! Having someone watch Daniel for a couple afternoons each week helps me to knock out the majority of the work that must happen if I’m to keep my business running.

5. Create your ideal, but realistic day

On the strengths finder test, one of my top 5 strengths was Achiever. I love to accomplish things and I love to be ahead of the game. This also means that I have a tendency to try to do too many things.

Daniel will be 6 months this week and I have learned to understand that there is a difference between idealistic and realistic. There are only so many hours during the day and I cannot be everywhere all of the time. It’s okay for Daniel to see me work but I don’t want it to be all he sees! If I am going to work in front of him, I try to make it beneficial for him and interact with him even while I am doing it. I also only work in front of him if it has become an urgent task.

Be realistic about what can be done today and stick to that!

I know that this is a special season and I don’t want to take it for granted. Right now Daniel is sitting in his bouncy seat and I am reading what I’m typing while he plays. The only other thing that I really do in front of him right now is prepare my equipment. He is only 6 months and I’m sure that this system will change even next week! Happy Tuesday, friends! I’m off to play with my boy!

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If there is one thing that I have learned over the last 6 months, it’s that it’s important to rest and to do it often. In a culture where we only celebrate rest on Labor Day, it can be easy to fall into the trap of working all the time. I tend to struggle with this most in my business because I love what I do and I could do it 80 hours a week if I would let myself!

What every entrepreneur needs to know about personal timeThe key to success isn’t saying “yes” to work every time it presents itself. The key is learning when to say “no.” We just wrapped up a double header wedding weekend and one of the couples was my sister and her husband! A month ago we decided that we would need to celebrate this huge milestone because shooting a wedding where we are both in the wedding party is intense! And our Daniel was there!!

So we are taking the day to be a family and enjoy the things we love. That looks like Indian food, a movie, popcorn and m&ms, reading outside, and talking all day long. So if you’re an entrepreneur and find it hard to take time for yourself, this is me telling you to schedule it!

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Today is the day that my sister marries her best friend. During the rehearsal I just kept thinking, “Is this really happening? How in the world is this happening?” I remember running through the yard in bathing suits and making rainbows with the sprinklers when we were little. I remember playing catch and making her be my goalie while I practiced soccer (she quit that same summer). Today feels a little surreal.

It makes me think back on my wedding day. It didn’t hit me that I was really getting married until I was walking down the aisle. I knew from premarital counseling that marriage wasn’t easy but there is just really no good way to explain the challenges that come with doing life with your best friend.

11 Things you should know about marriage

1) You will be throat-chopped in the middle of the night

I will never forget the night that I woke up to Isaac’s elbow hitting my throat. I gasped and it took forever (like 2 seconds) for me to recover.

2) You will learn that the toilet bowl has a seat for a reason

I grew up with sisters and never experienced the terror of falling into the toilet in the middle of the night. It can happen to anyone.

3) Everything is better because you’re doing it together

Dishes, laundry, cooking, cleaning is always better when you team up and do it together. Turn on the music, kiss between the chores, and enjoy doing life together.

4) Money is not everything

It doesn’t matter if you get married in college and don’t have a dime to your name or if you have all the money you can stand. I have never heard a couple talk about this area who had it figured out from the beginning of their marriage. I think it’s important to realize that money isn’t everything. Create a list of financial goals and achieve them together.

5) You’re on the same team

We heard some friends of ours talking about being on the same team in marriage and that really resonated with us.

6) You have to learn your marriage language

When we got married, I felt like we forgot how to speak the same language. We would talk around each other, get frustrated, and then realize that we were saying the same thing! I have talked to so many couples who have experienced this too! You’re not alone when you are struggling to speak the same language. Just go back to #5 and give it another shot.

7) Talk to each other

Don’t treat each other like you’re just roommates. Talk to each other and share everything with each other. It is so worth it to be vulnerable.

8) Don’t talk bad about each other or put each other down

I hear a lot of people put their spouses down about different things. I’m not talking about seeking wise advice or sharing about your marriage according to how the two of you have agreed to share. I am talking about verbal stabs here and there or just a full out gossip session with whomever. Your marriage is worth so much more.

9) Be real about your marriage

You are not alone! Marriage is hard for everyone (or at least everyone that I know)! I think that it’s important to guard your marriage and protect it. I also think that it’s important to share your personal struggles so that others can benefit and grow in their own marriages. Talk with each other about what you’re comfortable sharing with others.

10) Don’t settle for brokenness

I would guess that you didn’t get married so that you could live your days in a broken marriage. If you feel like you’re in a season of brokenness and you feel like there isn’t hope, I want to speak truth into your life and tell you that there most certainly is. I have heard from many friends that it can get especially difficult around 10 years of marriage. The problem is that many marriages just remain broken after a hard season. Don’t settle for brokenness.

If you know Jesus, ask Him to fight for your marriage. Ask Him to bring restoration. He is the ultimate counselor, healer, and redeemer.

11) Enjoy each other

Make memories. Be intentional. Reminisce. Make a bucket list. Don’t go to sleep angry and give each other shoulder rubs.

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